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Karien Stadler

At your service, wherever you are, with zero impact on your HR headcount! I bring aerospace psychology to your business – whether you are a small start-up or an enterprise aviation entity.

Expertise in Psychological Assessments for the Aerospace Industry

My services include:

“I aspire to make aerospace psychological services accessible to all stakeholders within the aerospace industry”.

Competency design and job profiling

I define success factors and inherent role requirements, linking competencies with assessment tools and strategies to ensure better talent decisions.

Assessment solutions

I offer scientific assessment solutions for roles at all levels, tailored to client needs such as psychometric assessments, video-based interviews, company-specific questionnaires.

Development solutions

I facilitate behavioural training to optimise individual and team performance (e.g. command upgrade leadership development, executive presence, resilience and wellbeing).

Karien Stadler

A wanderer at heart with a penchant for chocolate, passionate about aviation and psychometric data application…. in that order.

In 2020 I took the leap from the comfort and security of full-time corporate roles with the goal of building a portfolio career. I wanted more flexibility, autonomy and opportunities to design and deliver innovative assessment solutions. I now get to do what I love!

I help you make better talent decisions.

Are you compliant with EASA.CAT. GEN. MPA.175(b)?

Pilot selection

Is your assessment process validated?

Are assessments directly performed or overseen by a psychologist with acquired knowledge in aviation relevant to the flight crew’s operating environment?

Do you have expertise in psychological assessment and the psychological selection of aviation personnel?

Do you measure cognitive abilities, personality traits, operational and professional competencies as well as social competences?

Do you document the procedures followed, the personnel involved, the assessment criteria and instruments used in the assessment and the validity period?

I help my clients comply with these regulations to align with international best practice.

My Approach & Philosophy

I believe that training and work performance is dependent on the extent to which an individual’s abilities and likely behaviour are aligned with the requirements that lead to success.

I partner with clients to define success, assess potential and match individual profiles with success criteria to inform selection decisions.

By combining my expertise with world-class psychometric products and technology, I provide solutions that can help you make better talent decisions.

Whether you need to assess one cadet pilot or a thousand candidates, a chief executive officer or an aircraft engineer, or need assistance with coaching and work wellbeing, I am able to support. Let’s work together!

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